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Close-coupled Type Underfloor Type
Overview A catalytic converter located in the exhaust system between the engine and a muffler converts hazardous ingredients (CO, HC, NOX) into non-hazardous ingredients. It prevents air pollution and protects human health.
Features Satisfying reinforced regulations of exhaust gas in North
  America and Europe
Excellent durability with internally insulated design
Thermal & vibration resistant structure withstanding high
  temperature exhaust gas and vibration
Aerodynamic design for maximization of automobile power
Mountable at a variety of packages and location
A catalyst made of jewelry is built in a catalytic converter. Once hazardous ingredients such as CO, HC and NOX pass through a catalytic converter, such ingredients are converted into non-hazardous ingredients such as CO2, N2 and H2O respectively, through chemical reaction of a catalyst, and emitted through atmosphere.