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Main products are introduced below.
Gear Pump Column Intermediate Shaft
Overview Intermediate shaft provides a high stiffness for comfort steering performance and has a easy assembly interface to the vehicle and improves steering performance and driver's protection against car crash with safety mechanism.
Features Vibration & noise-resistant by using damping rubber and
  flexible coupling
Fixed shaft method by injection molding with plastic:
  Absorbing impact energy and forward displacement of an auto
  body in the event of car crash
1 piece cold forging : Reduced cost & phase angle tolerance
  due to integrated weld-free yoke and shaft
10 teeth plastic overmolded shaft: Enhanced efficiency in
  assembly to automobile by adjustable shaft length /
  Absorbing chassis vibration delivered to a driver
An intermediate shaft is equipped with the shaft link structure for transmission of steering force and the shock absorbing structure for protection of a driver. It also has the vibration & noise resistant structure for enhancement of steering performance.