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Main products are introduced below.
Gear Pump Column Intermediate Shaft
Overview Steering Column provides a high stiffness for comfort steering and a excellent NVH performance to drivers and has driver's convenience equipment and protects drivers against car crash with safety mechanism.
Features Wide range of fine tilting & telescopic adjustment of a steering
  wheel with an one touch lever (Upper Tilt & Manual Upper Tilt
  & Telescope)
Materialization of tilt & telescope functions with low
  manufacturing cost (Lower Tilt & Manual Upper Tilt &
Fine tilting, telescopic adjustment, position memory, auto
  away & auto return of a steering wheel with a motor
  (Motorized Upper Tilt & Telescope)
A steering column is equipped with the structure of Shaft Asm for transmission of steering force and shock absorption for protection of a driver. It is also equipped with tilt and telescope functions for enhancement of drive comfort.