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Gear Pump Column Intermediate Shaft
Overview A power steering pump provides fluid power to the steering system, which regulates flow for steering assist. Hydraulic power, driven by power steering pump, produces light steering effort at low vehicle speed and driving stability at high vehicle speed by controlling steering wheel effort of a driver. In addition, high efficiency performance, low vibration & noise characteristics and durability under high speed and heavy load are required.
Features 1 Piece Ball Bearing Type Pump / 2 Pieces Bushing Type
With or without pressure switch
Remote or integral reservoir
Pulley or hub available
Low mass & quiet operation
A hydraulic power steering pump generates hydraulic pressure by pumping between the internal vane and the inner surface of cam profile while rotating, being powered by an engine belt. This hydraulic pressure is transmitted to a power steering gear and provides comfort steering feel and stability in dynamic movement of an automobile by making steering intended by a driver easier.