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Main products are introduced below.
Gear Pump Column Intermediate Shaft
Overview A steering gear sets moving direction of a vehicle by converting steering wheel rotation into linear movement and rotating front wheels to the right or to the left. Especially, a power steering gear enables a driver to control a steering wheel very easily with far less effort, by using a high pressure fluid discharged from a pump.
Features Comfort handling at parking
Smooth steering feel by using the helical gear
Tuning performance satisfying various emotional
  requirements of customers
Compact & light weight by using an ETO type
In a power steering gear, intensity and flow path of hydraulic pressure are set to the right or left according to rotating direction of a steering wheel while a high pressure fluid discharged from a pump passes through the internal valve system. This high pressure fluid pushes a rack piston to make steering much easier.
Overview The Speed Sensitive Power Steering provides a driver with convenience and stability at the same time by allowing light handling at parking and heavy handling at high speed.
Features Wide Variable Effort Range
High Vehicle Tunability
Non-contact Mechanism (Smooth Feel, High Durability &
Laptop Interface for Immediate In-vehicle Development Tuning
Torsion Bar Stiffness Control Method (excellent reliability
  compared to the flow control type)
A controller sets current intensity and direction and controls current supplied to a coil in the valve housing, depending on vehicle speed. Electromotive force generated from a coil works between inner & outer poles and permanent magnet to change a torsional rate of a torsion bar depending on intensity and direction of electromotive force, and consequently, steering feel desired by a driver can be obtained.
Overview Column Drive EPS operates a column with a motor to assist driver’s steering effort. As a heavy load generated when a column is operated is transmitted to a manual steering gear, excellent performance in respect of rigidity, rattle noise and efficiency, sufficient to withstand such a load is required.
Features Low Noise
Excellent mechanical efficiency & rigidity
Low cost design
Manual Steering Gear for C-EPS rotates the front wheels to the right or left, converting heavy torque from a motor mounted on a column into linear movement.