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Main products are introduced below.
Ignition Coil EGR Valve PT Controller
Overview An ignition coil supplies electric energy to a spark plug in order to make a spark necessary to ignite mixture of air & fuel in the combustion chamber. Through this process, mixture of air & fuel is ignited and combusted to generate engine power. An ignition coil is mounted in spark plug well and directly connected to a spark plug or mounted on the side of the engine and connected to a spark plug through a high tension cable.
Features Built-in ignition module optional
Compact & high-energy design for the GDI/lean burn engine
Reduced RFI noise
3/4 cylinders integrated coil
Reduced make on voltage
Supplied in a variety of performance
An ignition coil induces to generate high voltage over 30,000V instantly from 14V DC in a battery, by using turn ration and mutual inductance of primary and secondary coils. This high voltage is delivered to a spark plug to make a high voltage spark which ignites and combusts mixture of compressed air and fuel in a combustion chamber.