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Main products are introduced below.
HVAC Module CRFM Compressor HVAC Controller
Overview An HVAC module consists of an evaporator and thermal expansion valve which are key components of air conditioner along with a condenser and compressor, heater core, blower and air flow allocation doors to maintain the interior temperature & humidity of an automobile pleasant and comfortable for passengers.
Features High performance compact heat exchanger → reduced engine
  load (improved fuel mileage)
Automatic temperature controller
High efficiency & low noise fan
Air flow controller & dust filter
The temperature and humidity of the air from blower is controlled by an evaporator for cool and dry in summer and by heater core for warm in winter and also adjusted for desired considition by mixing cool and warm air for spring and autumn.
Overview An evaporator is one of the core components of the air conditioning system that maintains temperature & humidity of the air flow into the cabin of an automobile. An evaporator is composed of fins for air flow and tubes for refrigerant passage. erae Automotive is developing a high performance compact evaporator to meet the requirements of the customers.
Features Various Selections (89, 73, 58 & 47 mm laminated tube type
  and 38 mm parallel flow type)
Optimum tube & fin design
Corrosion-resistant aluminum material
Multi-functional Hydrophilic & anti-bacterial treatment
An evaporator works on the principle that evaporating water cools down surrounding air by taking heat away. Ambient temperature falls as low-temp fluid refrigerant flow inside an evaporator transfers heat away from external air and is transformed into gaseous refrigerant.
Overview A heater core is a heat exchanger built in the HVAC module which heats up the air flow into the interior to warm the cabin and to remove the front and side window frost. A heat core is composed of fins for the air flow, tubes for the coolant flow, a header connecting fins and tubes, and a tank which feeds coolant into a tube. erae Automotive is developing a highly efficient heater core that saves energy and is better for the environment.
Features High performance compact heat exchanger
All made from recyclable aluminum
Easily mountable and available in various sizes
Even temperature profile on a core surface
Highly durable and anti-corrosive
Cool air which flows into the interior from a blower in a HVAC module passes through the heat core fins and high temp coolant warmed up by engine heat flows inside heater core tubes. Heat is exchanged from the heater tubes to the cool air via heater core fins, making the cabin of an automobile comfortable and pleasant.